Spiritual Abuse Counseling Colorado

Kristin Mefford, MA, LPCC

Have you been spiritually wounded or abused? Are you searching for spiritual abuse counseling in Colorado? Are you trying to untangle the spiritual messages you received growing up and measure them against the truth of the gospel? Have you separated from a church or organized faith community that seems cultish or just ‘off’ in some way? Has spiritual abuse induced anxiety, depression, panic, or emotional pain? 

Spiritual abuse happens when religious leaders or institutions misuse their power to harm or control people in their congregation. This can make the abused feel confused, guilty, and ashamed, and make it hard for them to seek help. Therapy can be very helpful for those who have suffered from spiritual abuse. It gives support and helps survivors to cope with their experiences. Spiritual abuse can happen anywhere, so it’s essential to seek support if you or someone you know is going through it. Remember, you’re not alone, and you can get help to recover.

Hi, I’m Kristin Mefford, MA, LPCC and I provide spiritual abuse cousneling in Colorado.  I have a masters degree in clinical mental health counseling from Liberty University, and I’m licensed by the state of Colorado to provide psychotherapy. I understand spiritual abuse and wounding from both a professional and personal lens. I am truly passionate about working with anyone who has suffered harm or experienced pain resulting from the church or religion as a whole.  I work with adults, couples, and teens. I provide in-person counseling in Colorado Springs, and telehealth options for anyone physically located in Colorado. Learn more about my fees, schedule, and location.  

“A marker of healing from religious trauma is not simply the process of deconstructing one’s worldview and identity and rebuilding a new one; it is also the willingness to remain open to shifting and changing over the course of one’s life.”

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