Christian Counseling in Colorado Springs

Kristin Mefford, MA, LPCC

Are you searching for Christian counseling in Colorado? Maybe you’re a Christian and know you want to address mental health with someone who shares your faith. Perhaps your teen isn’t interested in Chrsitian cousneling but you still want them to receive counseling from a Christian counselor. Or maybe faith is a cornerstone of your relationship or marriage and you want to address conflict, communication, and intimacy with another believer. 

Hi, I’m Kristin Mefford, MA, LPCC and I provide Christian counseling in Colorado.  I have a masters degree in clinical mental health counseling from Liberty University, and I’m licensed by the state of Colorado to provide psychotherapy. As a Christian, I offer clients the opportunity to work through mental health and relationship issues from a faith-based perspective. I work with adults, couples, and teens. I provide in-person counseling in Colorado Springs, and telehealth options for anyone physically located in Colorado. Learn more about my fees, schedule, and location.  

I can support your faith and understanding of the Gospel while helping you explore your very real mental health symptoms or relationships wounds – without judgment. I think it’s too simplistic to boil our anxiety and depression down to a lack of faith or to say the solution is just pray about it or read your Bible. Maybe you’re frustrated with those phrases too and your nervous about counseling for fear you’ll only hear those things again. While those things are important, I believe that God brings healing through relationships with other and that the therapeutic alliance is one of those relationships. 

If you’re struggling with something you feel shame or guilt about, please know that I strive to provide a safe and judgment-free counseling experience so you can process and explore anything you’re struggling without fear. Christian counseling in Colorado with Kristin Mefford, MA, LPCC is safe, validating, and compassionate. 

Christian mental health counseling integrates the principles of Christianity with the principles of psychotherapy to provide a faith-based approach to mental health treatment. Christian counseling focuses on the your spiritual and emotional needs, as well as your psychological needs, to help you cope with the challenges of life and achieve mental, emotional, and spiritual well-being.

Christian counseling in Colorado Springs can offer you a sense of hope and purpose, and provide you with the tools and guidance needed to overcome their challenges.

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